Lovelit Films is a women led cinematography team based in Los Angeles, filming worldwide.


WE ARE Artists. Observers. Film makers. Kind, hardworking humans.

We are a team of four women filmmakers who met in graduate school and have not stopped making films together since. We love creating beautiful, raw wedding films that focus on what really matters to our couples.


WE BELIEVE in representing the diversity of love. No couple is the same, no marriage the same, and we believe no wedding film should be the same. We will never try to fit you into a mold of what we think romance looks like. Instead, we will capture you and your connection with thoughtful framing, lighting, pacing and love. We all have documentary film backgrounds, and we bring this ethos to everything we film. 


WE'VE BEEN TOLD we're "the calm in the center of the storm”. Our approach on the day of your wedding is calm, centered, and deeply observant. We walk that delicate line between getting the perfect shot and making sure we are fully aware of your guests experience. 


Now tell us about you and your day!